Last year, following the Covid 19 pandemic, the Royal Society for Public Health undertook a survey regarding the benefits of working from home.  It found mixed results amongst the participants – whilst there were some obvious benefits such as not having to commute and having more flexibility, therefore contributing to a happier lifestyle, there were also signs of a more negative impact, including feelings of isolation and the inability to switch off.

Similarly, Microsoft’s 2022 New Future of Work Report relating to the new era of hybrid working, has shown that although remote work can improve job satisfaction – it was considered the most popular method of working at the moment – it can also lead to employees feeling “socially isolated, guilty and trying to overcompensate”.

Working from home during, and post, the pandemic may have been viewed with rose-tinted glasses.  Exercising on our breaks, making healthy homecooked lunches, and easily being able to make the school run. For many, however, the reality has looked very different.

With research showing that remote workers are putting in longer hours at their desks, and data suggesting that up to 80% of UK workers feel that working from home has negatively impacted their mental health, an increasingly complicated picture is emerging when it comes to the wellbeing of home-workers.

How co-working can help.

Using a co-working space offers you an environment that has many of the benefits and the flexibility of working from home, but also has that crucial missing element…other people.

An alternative option to working from home, Co-working enables you to maintain a good work-life balance with the flexibility and comfort that you enjoy at home, but the added benefit of being able to socialise and collaborate with other people

It removes the blurred lines that working from home can create, allowing you to stay focused on your job in a professional and productive environment so that your home can once again be a place to enjoy and relax.

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